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Distance or spot

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Distance to Spot

Note: IFOVtheoretical represents the smallest object that the thermal imager can detect or see. IFOVmeasured represents the smallest object from which a more accurate apparent temperature can be calculated by the thermal imager.
Spot Size = {{camera.spotSizeSmallUnits | number:2}} {{camera.subUnits2}} x {{camera.spotSizeSmallUnits | number:2}} {{camera.subUnits2}}(Based upon IFOV theorectical*) {{camera.targetSizeHorizontal | number:2}} {{camera.targetSizeHorizontalUnits}} {{camera.targetSizeVertical | number:2}} {{camera.targetSizeVerticalUnits}} {{camera.currentDistance2 | number:2}} {{camera.currentDistanceUnits}} D:S* = Distance to Spot = {{camera.DtoS | number:0}}:1 IFOV = Instantaneous Field of View
*Note: All calculations are approximate. D:S theoretical (= 1/IFOV theoretical) is the calculated spot size based on the pitch of the camera detector array and lens focal length. D:S measured (= 1/IFOVmeasured) is the spot size needed to provide a more accurate apparent temperature calculation. Typically, D:S measured is 2 to 3 times smaller than D:S theoretical, which means the temperature measurement area of the target needs to be 2 to 3 times larger than that determined by the calculated theoretical D:S. © 2005-2015 Fluke Corporation. All rights reserved.